Who are University Honors Students

Jaun Zagami in front of UMD Terp shell logo

John Placidino "Dino" Zagami is studying Spanish and designing his own major in Environmental Business in the Individual Studies Program.

Jaun Zagami in front of UMD Terp shell logo

Junellie Gonzalez Quiles is hunting for exoplanets and making her mark in Astrophysics. She also plays the trombone in the Mighty Sound of Maryland Marching Band.


Seminar Spotlights

Two students videotaping another

Visual Storytelling

HONR 239V: Introduction to Visual Storytelling: Learn from a renowned photojournalist how to convey complex narratives in this creative visual communication seminar.

Honors students in front of Broadway theater

From Hair to Hamilton

HONR 238D: Contemporary Musical Theatre: From Hair to Hamilton - and Beyond: Appreciate the political power of American musicals in the classroom and on Broadway itself.

Student bungee jumping in Hong Kong

Dubai and Hong Kong

WINTER TERM: Dubai and Hong Kong: Two Powerful Cities: Travel the world and experience first-hand the cultural and economic juggernauts that these two cities have become.

Three students presenting to class

Searching for Invisible Matter

HONR 268N: Cracking the Secrets of the Universe Using Computers: Rediscovering the Higgs and Searching for Invisible Matter: Explore the frontiers of contemporary experimental particle physics, theoretical plasma physics, and theoretically cosmology.