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Heidi Scott

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Heidi Scott
Assistant Clinical Professor
Thematic Cluster: Identity and Intersectionality
2101 Susquehanna Hall

Heidi Scott received a BS from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and a PhD in English Language and Literature from the University of Maryland. Her teaching includes identity-based explorations of our environment based on markers like race, class, and native language; and how intersectionality informs the content of woman comedians in a male dominated entertainment industry. Scott’s research focuses on the environmental humanities, especially how ecological ideas emerged in literary works in the British 19th century, and how energy sourcing has evolved through industrial culture to our fossil fuel regime. She has published two books: Chaos and Cosmos (2014) and Fuel: an Ecocritical History (2018). Scott is also a screenwriter and film director. Last year she directed a short film, Landfill, that takes stock of the volume of municipal waste our society creates, and how it may appear to future generations who mine it for treasure. In late 2019 she directed the short film, Dining Room, which interrogates WASP privilege from the most formal room in the house. Her stage play, Mid-Century Modern, focuses on LGBT struggles for freedom in 1950s New York City.