Citation ceremony bannder

 University Honors Celebrates Fall 2020 Citation Recipients

University Honors staff, students, and families gathered together virtually on December 4, 2020 to celebrate the 172 students who earned their Honors citations in Fall 2020.

In addition to each citation recipient, two UH students, Emily H. Berry Paolo and Alexander Lami, were recognized as recipients of the Moringo Family Scholarship.

Also recognized during the ceremony was UH’s recipient of the Fall 2020 Portz Award, Andrea Orpia. Andrea has made critical contributions to University Honors as we transitioned into the new curriculum. Serving on the Transition Council, Andrea was a forthright advocate for preserving what was best about University Honors, including student leadership in our first-year seminar. Formerly an HONR 100 Section Leader, Andrea is now one of our Peer Academic Leaders shaping Gateway Seminar and shepherding first-year students into the new program.

At the outset of the ceremony, Dr. Stephan Blatti (Director, University Honors) congratulated citation recipients and shared some words of wisdom for our newest UH alumni (“UH-lums”). He encouraged students to remain involved in UH and to continue to cultivate their curiosity:

“The work doesn’t stop because the thesis was submitted or the citation is now in hand, because the values embodied in that work can never be fully achieved. Curiosity will always prompt another line of inquiry. New adventures will always await. Novel perspectives will proliferate and flourish.

“So think of your Honors citation as a milestone on a longer journey and our celebration here today as recognition that you’re well on your way: headed in the right direction ... There’s much important work to do, and being alumni of UH (“UH-lum”s), you increasingly embody the traits and values that will serve you well in that future work.”

UH citation recipients for the Fall 2020 semester include:

Ahmed Abdallah
Samantha Agnelli
Heather Ailinger
Lauralee An
Bailey Arenberg
Ashish Bachavala
Dillon Barreto
Tyler Basa
Bashier Baten
Chloe Batsch
Karley Belanger
Meredith Bertulaitis
Grace Biddle
Mei-An Blatchford
Joshua Brown
Michael Buckberg
Deon Butler
Atticus Cameron
Charles Cannon
Olivia Carey
Jonathan Chang
Davis Cook
Sarah Cooper
Kyle Cotoia
Benjamin Curtis
Sydney Dalin
Kalista Dang
Asha Daryanani
Alison Davis
John Didio
Neil Duggal
Rylee Duncan
Reilly Dunning
Katherine Eckart
Phillip Eichensehr
Emma Eklund
Mateo Elezi
Sandra Ellis
Tosan Eweka
Teni Faleti
Jordan Feigenblum
Diego Ferreira
Lea Feuillet
Ethan Gallant
Gilad Gensler
Andrew Giorgi
Thomas Gleason
Daisy Grant
Jon Guidera
Rhea Gupta
Megan Hannegan
Kyle Harry
Dustin Hartnett
Edison Hatter
Mason Hoene
Ryan Hopkins
Ting-Wei Hsu
Amber Hunt
Jacob Isaacson
Zachary Jablow
Aaisha Jamiluddin
Hanna Janvier
Sabrina Johnson
Marcus Kanik
Rebecca Kardon
Antonio Karides
Nathan Kattapuram
Taylor Kenyon
Brandon Knorr
Kristin Kong
Hannah Kotz
Peter Koutsos
Christina Kratzmeier
Samantha Kraus
Catherine Ladas
Eden Lakner
Sarina LeCroy
Andrew Lent
Camille Levine
Thomas Lew
Joseph Li
Zachary Lin
Lauren Losin
Sean Lowery
Eunisa Lu
Ina Lucero

Erin MacKinnon
Shannon MacMaster
Katrina Makres
Ethan Mara
Daniela Marciano
Gianna Mariani
Sarah Martin
Peter Marx
Jesse Matthews
Maeve McCarthy
Sydney McNamara
John Merlo-Coyne
Jordan Mess
Sahir Mody
Fiona Mon
Dylan Moritz
Madelyn Morse
Emily Mountain
Victoria Murphy
Robert Nawrocki
Aaron Nesbitt
Alden Newman
Theresa Nguyen
Shawn Singh Nijjar
Gabrielle O'Brien
Chloe Ober
Amy Odenthal
Joanna Omestad
Andrea Orpia
Eric Patel
Nil Patel
Garrett Peters
Henry Phan
Amy Phung
Dylan Poppert
Diego Principe
Shyam Pujara
Sharon Puthumana
Michelle Rajpolt
Pratik Rathore
Emily Reagle
Clairisse Reiher
Yvonne Romero
Shuvam Roy
Katherine Rush
Chloe Salkeld
Henry Santer
Colin Sauers
Nicholas Schaap
Matthew Schaefer
Nathan Schubert
Colin Scott
Jason Scott
Nishi Shah
Xinyi Shi
Samuel Keeran Shrestha
Allison Siegel
Jeremy Sklar
Casey Smith
Braden Smolko
Justin Stackman
Mario Sto. Domingo
Alexandra Strouse
Alexander Struntz
Kathryn Sturge
Siddharth Taneja
Jonathan Tercasio
Edward Tocco
Emily Tocco
Joseph Trubnick
Eva Utzschneider
Yusuf Van Gieson
Hana Vicente
Nicholas Viggiano
Emma Walz
Ross Ward
Jacob Welch
Shane Windsor
Tamar Wohlberg
Joshua Wood
Edward Yan
Samantha Yang
Shannon Young
Rachel Yu
Linden Yuan
Grace Zhang