Leadership Opportunities

Honors 100 Section Leaders
Section Leaders welcome new University Honors students by teaching a section of HONR100 in the fall semester. HONR100 is a 1-credit extended orientation course designed to guide students through their first semester. In the course, students learn about campus resources and opportunities and engage in lively discussion on topics relevant to student life, such as leadership, campus activism and their role in the University Honors and campus community.

If accepted, Section Leaders participate in a training course in the spring where they examine basic student development theory, learn to create lesson plans and practice facilitation skills. In the fall semester, Section Leaders facilitate a section of HONR100. Students can apply to teach HONR100 individually or as part of a team.

Peer Mentors
Peer Mentors are assigned a small group of first-year students who share their academic and professional interests. As part of the program, Peer Mentors are required to meet with their students three times in the fall semester. There is a theme to each meeting. The first meeting centers around academics; the second is professionally oriented and focuses on research, internships and career development opportunities in that field; the third meeting is devoted to 4-year planning and preparing for departmental advising and registration.

University Honors Student Advisory Board
The University Honors Student Advisory Board (UHSAB) is a student organization that works to support University Honors. Members of the UHSAB serve as a link between University Honors students and the program’s administration. The UHSAB meets regularly with and advises the University Honors administration on curricular and co-curricular matters, as well as on the overall direction of the program.

Honors Ambassadors (Honors College wide)
We represent the Honors College at recruitment-related events. As current University Honors students, we are a powerful resource for attracting prospective students to the University.

Honors College Student Programming Council (Honors College wide)
Our mission is to organize events to unite the entire Honors College community, thus fostering a sense of camaraderie and cohesiveness among the Honors living-learning programs.

Black Honors Caucus (Honors College wide)
We support and promote the unity and development of Black students within the Honors College.

Latino Honors Society (Honors College wide)
Latino Honors students network, celebrate our common culture, and promote philanthropy in our surrounding area.

Campus Student Organizations
Hundreds of Academic, Advocacy, Religious, Performance, Service, Social, and Sports student organizations exist at the University of Maryland. Join a campus student organization, make friends, and take a leadership role.