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Testudo Supports University Honors, you can too.Donations to University Honors support academic and extracurricular enrichment opportunities for students in University Honors.

Enrichments make a huge difference to students and allow them to get to know their professors outside the classroom, experience the rich cultural life of Washington, D.C and New York City, and even extend their classroom to international locations.

Some of the community enrichments that University Honors students especially enjoy when donations make them possible are:

  • Student-Faculty Dinners
  • Tickets to plays and the symphony
  • Awards luncheons and dinners
  • Sunday in New Yorkbus, brunch and a Broadway play
  • Spring Break Study TripsDonations subsidize and make these trips possible for University Honors students.  Global Economics seminar students went with their professor to the London School of Economics, and students in a Languages of Europe seminar went with their professor to regions of France and Spain over recent spring breaks.

Help us build community and provide educational enrichment opportunities for University Honors students.

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