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HONR 349J   Reading and Writing Poetry

Tu   2 - 4:30 PM

Professor Stan Plumly, Poet Laureate of the State of Maryland, Department of English

Limited to 12 Students. Apply to register.
Please send a one page, single-spaced attachment to explaining why you want to take this course. Your statement should demonstrate your writing skills and the quality of your interest in taking this course.

(Although the Schedule of Classes lists this course for 2:00-4:30, the class will end at 4:00 each week. Each student will have four individual conferences with Prof. Plumly over the course of the semester.)

This course will consist of a hybrid of critical and creative emphases. We will read, with intensity and intelligence, a wide range of poems, mostly contemporary. And we will write our own poems, sometimes by assignment, sometimes via our own inspiration. The core of the class will be conversation, analysis, and response. You will be graded as much on class participation as on your own written work, be it critical prose or original poetry.

We will write six short papers on particular poems, sometimes the same poem, sometimes individual choices. And we will write at least six poems for discussion in a workshop context. We will read, doubtlessly, more than we write.

Readings include:

    THE MIND'S EYE: A GUIDE TO WRITING POETRY, edited by Kevin Clark (Pearson/Longman, 2008; ISBN-13: 9780205498239)

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