University Honors Program

Colleen GullickColleen Gullick

Athlete, Inventor
Class of 2013
Major: Bioengineering
Living-and-Learning Program: University Honors
Hometown: Spring City, PA
High School: The Hill School

Why I chose Honors at Maryland:
The University of Maryland has a top Division 1 Field Hockey team (I have now been part of a Division 1 NCAA National Field Hockey Championship team… twice), excellent Bioengineering and Honors programs, numerous research opportunities, and a great reputation for high medical school acceptance rates.

Favorite Honors seminar course:
My favorite Honors seminar course was HONR268W Disability Studies: Stories, Law and Social Policy. The course was amazing and the professor, Dr. Schotland, was very passionate about the topic. As someone looking to go into the medical field, it was valuable for me to learn about the laws surrounding those with disabilities-I can now speak intelligibly about current events affecting those people.

As a future medical professional, I hope, one day, to be able to advocate for my patients. For my final project, I designed and built a wheelchair travel case, which I donated to an avid traveler who was struggling to avoid damage to her wheelchair when flying. Currently, there is no such product on the market for people to utilize to reduce the likelihood that airlines will damage their wheelchairs. My professor encouraged me to apply for the honors best scholarly project award and a patent. I was selected to receive the award and am in the process of pursuing a patent for my invention. My experience in my honors disability seminar has had a huge influence on my time here at the University of Maryland. Dr. Schotland is an amazing professor with whom I continue to keep in contact.

  • Awards/Scholarships:
  • Work/Internship/Research Experience:
    • Neuromechanics lab internship working with Walter Reed and Under Armour
  • Student Organizations:
  • Athletics:
    • National Level Cyclist (3 Time National Champion; 2 Time National Record Holder)
    • NFHCA All-Mid Atlantic Region All-American Second Team (Fall 2011)
    • Two time Division 1 National Field Hockey Champion-University of Maryland (Fall 2010 and Fall 2011)
    • Two time Division 1 ACC Field Hockey Champion-University of Maryland (Fall 2009 and Fall 2010)
  • Volunteering:
    • Pilot cyclist for a visually impaired Paralympic cycling athlete
    • TERP (Terrapin Enrichment Reading Program) Reading
  • Publications:
    • Gulick, Colleen. "Case Review: Adverse Medication Response of an Elite Athlete," Athletic Therapy Today. May 2011.
    • Gulick, Colleen. "Engineering of a Weighted Disc Wheel for Enhanced Cycling Performance," Bicycling Magazine: The Hub Blog. Currently in review.
    • Gulick, Colleen. "Weighted Disc Wheel Training for Elite Level Track Cycling Sprinters," Strength and Conditioning Journal. Currently in review.
    • Gulick, Colleen. "Wheelchair Stowaway Bag," Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy. Currently in review.