University Honors Program

Sylive DeLaHuntSylvie DeLaHunt
Engineer, Ambassador
Class of 2014
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Minor: International Engineering
Living-and-Learning Program: University Honors
Hometown: Waldorf, MD
High School: North Point High School

Favorite thing about Honors at Maryland:
The Honors seminars! One of my biggest concerns prior to beginning college was that my schedule would be overloaded with engineering courses, leaving no room for me to experience the liberal arts. The seminars allow me to supplement my engineering education with humanities, history, and literature classes. I am receiving a well-rounded education through courses taught by the top professors at the university to small groups of twenty students equally excited about the seminar topics. It is great to simultaneously have both the personal feel of a liberal arts college and the opportunities of a large research university.

Favorite Honors seminar course:
Because there are approximately seventy Honors courses offered each semester, students have a great opportunity to select courses that particularly interest them-I have had a great experience with each of my Honors seminars: "Supreme Law: The Constitution, Morality and the Courts," "Western Intellectual Heritage," and "Jane Austen: Her World, Our Obsession." The Supreme Law course was the first Honors seminar that I took at the university, and I thought it was fantastic! Dr. Dwyer was clearly very well informed about all the controversial issues we discussed, taught us how to develop solid arguments, and gave students the opportunity to receive her feedback on our report drafts prior to final due dates. She also hosts a yearly event where she invites her past seminar students and the Honors College directors to her home for dinner and mingling.

After my first year at the University of Maryland, I received an email from a professor in the Aerospace Engineering department inviting me to join the Human-Powered Helicopter team as an Undergraduate Research Assistant. The team is composed of a group of graduate and undergraduate students working to design a helicopter, flown solely by human power, to earn the Sikorsky Prize. We currently hold the official world record for human-powered flight duration! I was in charge of coordinating the pilot search and selection process, and now work with collecting data from our current pilots. I will work on another research project with an Aerospace faculty member as part of my Aerospace Engineering Honors Research Project.

One of the primary goals of the Honors College is to increase the number of undergraduate students that gain international experience. Through my International Engineering minor, I am taking courses on international business cultures in engineering, international relations, and I completed a comprehensive research report on the aerospace engineering industry in Toulouse, France. During the summer of 2012, I spent six weeks in Toulouse participating in the GEA Summer Aerospace Program. The study abroad program is run yearly by some of the leading aerospace universities in Europe: ISAE, ENAC, and ENSMA. Through the GEA program, I was able to interact with international engineering students and make numerous technical visits to locations like the Airbus and Eurocopter assembly lines. This study abroad program, located in the aerospace capital of Europe, was the perfect supplement to my traditional aerospace engineering education!